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The J&B Maintenance Story

J&B Maintenance takes pride in the fact that we provide quality construction and remodeling cleaning services with honesty and integrity.

Our Story

About J&B Maintenance, Inc.

J & B Maintenance, Inc. was born in 1992 the day our neighbor said to Janessa “Your home is always so spotlessly clean. Would you come next door and clean mine?” She did it as a favor but as word spread amongst our friends and our friend’s friends it became a business. A business of one. Janessa built a business based solely on referrals and did all the work herself, to the point where she was cleaning three to five houses by herself, every day. She did this not out of necessity but because she really loved doing it and it gave her great satisfaction. She called her business “Clean Sweep” and it continued to grow by word of mouth until she was getting up at 3 AM everyday so she could get in an hour at the gym before cleaning office buildings before they opened. Then she would clean 3 to 5 houses by herself. All of this while raising children and running a household. Business grew to the point where she had to expand and create a new business model.

She incorporated the business, changed the name to “J & B Maintenance, Inc.” and became a licensed contractor for construction clean up. Through her dedication and hard work she has continued to grow the business by referral and word of mouth to what it is today, a thriving, growing business building on Janessa’s core values…hard work, dedication and a great satisfaction in doing a job that anybody would be proud of. J & B Maintenance, Inc. is a woman owned business built from the ground up with honesty, integrity, and an unsurpassed work ethic that is reflected in the proud group of people who today make up the J & B Maintenance team.

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Below are just a few of our past, current and return friends who trust our construction cleaning services.

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